Winter storage and custody of boats

Winter storage and custody of boats, at Náutica Gomila we have facilities for our clients to leave their boats safely. Facilities that are made up of 20,000m2 of esplanade for custody and more than 1500m2 in a closed warehouse, all with video surveillance and alarm service 24 hours a day.

So that our boat can last over the years and age as little as possible when we are not going to use it for a long time, after the season of use, which is usually 2 to 4 months a year, the best option it is to beach it and leave it safely, if possible, in a closed warehouse where the influence of time is the least possible

Rain, wind, sun, inclement weather are the main cause of rust, wear on upholstery, gelcoat, paint, varnish, canvas, etc. The cost of repairing or renewing all of them must be assessed. these parts of the boat against the cost of keeping the boat safe.




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